Marianna Bernardini


She wanted more than she had
Not any jewels or cash
She wanted something to feel and to hold and to
Give all the love in her heart

She wanted to play her songs
Maybe touch one lonely soul
She wanted audiences clapping and singing along
And to conquer the world

She thought it would feel real fine
To hug a man late at night
Someone who was good and kind and respectful and nice
someone just to talk

She wants a countryside home
Not very big but not very small
She wants a garden and trees walking barefoot
Feeling the cold earth on her feet

She wants flowers in her hair
A dress that floats whenever she's dancing
She wants the music to play everyday
And to read all the books on the shelves

She wants to feel on her face
The wild wind blowing taking her away
And so she frequently leaves by herself
Coming back just because she wants to play

She likes her warm innocence
And so she talks with enviable grace
Her perfume lingers in rooms
And her laugh will make everyone laugh with her too...

Is she asking for too much?
Not if you knew her not if you know
How her mind works turning magically every word
Into song, into song

She wanted more than she had